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This health start-up just raised $150 million

Health start-ups can become as big as fintech and cryptocurrencies in a matter of a few years, experts believe. Healthcare and medicine draw ever-increasing attention of the general public and investors alike. One of them a company that operates in the sphere of early cancer and severe health risks detection. A group of high-profile investors, […]


Bitcoin – ban, regulate or ignore?

Ever since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin — the world’s first and most popular crypto-currency, has regularly been in the news for all the wrong reasons — drugs, tax evasion, organized crime, money laundering and terrorism financing. Some countries have banned Bitcoin, some are regulating it, while some are ignoring it. Today there are more than 750 crypto-currencies with a capitalization of […]

Economic calendar for august: new tranding

The US unemployment reading was unchanged at 4.3% and Average Hourly Earnings on a yearly basis increased to 2.5% from 2.4%, while the deficit for the Trade Balance was lower than the expectation as well. These positive economic news helped the US Dollar make a strong trend and appreciate, and in the new week starting […]


Mining crypto with your own body. Is it possible?

Is it possible to harness the energy of your own body and effectively turn it into cryptocurrencies? Scientists from the Netherlands-based technology company Speculative.Capital say yes. Of course, it is not an easy task as it will require costly additional hardware. Yet, the task is possible. In its most recent experiment the company equipped 37 […]

Omisego market analysis for 2018

The platform is intended to disrupt existing financial institutions by offering a decentralized exchange network that will work across jurisdictions. The platform includes a digital wallet for holding fiat and cryptocurrency, enables peer to peer value exchange and merchant payment services in real time. As a white label solution merchants, businesses, organizations, individuals and even governments can […]


Bitcoin goes up again after pre-christmas down

The most famous digital currency is going back over $16,000, after losing more than 30% in one day, hitting the $12,000 mark. Bitcoinr recovered some of the ground lost in a pre-Christmas rout that took its price down below $12,000. Let’s remember bitcoinr had amazingly risen since the start of the year, going from less […]