Ripple in numbers

In the early week, with a huge leap, Ripple reached $0.87 to touch a record high. After a drop from the peak, the coin found support around $0.73. Though the token was trying to regain the peak, the resistance at $0.79 was checking any further growth. The support ultimately could not hold the value and it […]

What type trader are you?

Swing trading Swing traders typically hold trades from anywhere between a few hours to a few days. They believe price will move in a certain direction over the course over a relatively short time frame, with price hitting their predetermined take profit or stop loss. Swing trading is a reasonably active strategy, depending on the […]


Bitcoin goes up again after pre-christmas down

The most famous digital currency is going back over $16,000, after losing more than 30% in one day, hitting the $12,000 mark. Bitcoinr recovered some of the ground lost in a pre-Christmas rout that took its price down below $12,000. Let’s remember bitcoinr had amazingly risen since the start of the year, going from less […]

Omisego market analysis for 2018

The platform is intended to disrupt existing financial institutions by offering a decentralized exchange network that will work across jurisdictions. The platform includes a digital wallet for holding fiat and cryptocurrency, enables peer to peer value exchange and merchant payment services in real time. As a white label solution merchants, businesses, organizations, individuals and even governments can […]


Mining crypto with your own body. Is it possible?

Is it possible to harness the energy of your own body and effectively turn it into cryptocurrencies? Scientists from the Netherlands-based technology company Speculative.Capital say yes. Of course, it is not an easy task as it will require costly additional hardware. Yet, the task is possible. In its most recent experiment the company equipped 37 […]